Did you know?

The Director's father didn't let him study film-making.
"I told my father I wanted to study film and he said there was no way he was gonna let me do that. I made my way to Los Angeles, and made a film that won a scholarship to the Art Center College of Design. My father thought I was headed for Harvard. I called him and said, 'I want to study film,' and he said, 'You don’t exist anymore'."

The film was shot in 28 countries for four years. 
According to Tarsem Singh, the director, no stages were ever used, only existing locations.
Also, due to this time span, Catinca Untaru who lost two front baby teeth right before shooting began, actually have them by the end of the movie. This is included in the movie with Roy mentioning, "I didn't recognize you because you have teeth."

Singh shot the hospital scenes with Untaru in chronological order. As filming progressed over the course of six weeks, she grew taller and her English improved, like her character would have in real life.

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