The Fall is one of my most favorite movies.

I think I've watched it a thousand times over and over again and still I discover something new every time.

It's the kind of movie that, the more you watch it, the more you understand it.

It has a beautiful story of friendship. How the weirdest friendship can help you come out from the darkest place of your life. It has a touching story of love. Romantic love between a girl and a boy, platonic love between a boy and a little girl, mysterious love of strangers who actually care for you.

It certainly has beautiful filming locations and it would be a shame just to let them be forgotten. This blog is created in honour of Tarsem Singh's creativity of choosing beautiful spots around the world and putting them together seamlessly into a magnificent story of love, survival, and letting go.

Go watch the movie if you haven't yet. And watch it one more time. Or maybe two.
Pay attention to the characters and their struggle.
Discover the 28 countries where the movie was filmed in.
Listen closely to the beautiful music and sounds accompanying the characters' journey.
And watch it one more time just to fall in love with it.